Watching Lizze Mcguire. Omg, this show.  
Anonymous said: "Hi"

Harry new tattoo “Gemma”

“What A Treat!” (x)

Anonymous said: "Your wonderful. We understand you actually have a life and would rather do things that will get you further in life than spending your time 24/7 on tumblr. I barely get on tumblr too, so I understand you."

Aw, thank you. I really want to find some more time to update this blog though. Sometimes I don’t have time, and other times I really just don’t have internet. But thank you! You’re really sweet. x

Anonymous said: "But I love you though. What if a co owner would just use you for the url and then change the password on you? :o Think about that."

Hmm..I know. I was thinking about that which is why I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do.